2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

We’re holding our first AGM on Mon 14th November, 6:30pm in the Quay Climbing Centre cafe and all members are welcome.

The AGM is a bit of a formality, but it will be a chance to review what we’ve achieved together in the last year and set out our plans for the future.

There’s also the opportunity to ask questions of the committee and discuss the club’s future direction.

We hope you’ll be able to join us.


  • Review of the year: chair and secretary’s report
  • Training/Equipment officer’s report
  • Introducing Jay Jackson: our technical advisor
  • Financial review: treasurer’s report
  • Certification of the club’s accounts
  • Consider changes to the club’s constitution
  • Election of committee officers
  • Agree membership fees for next year
  • Other relevant business
    • Under-18s policy
  • Q&A

Proposed constitutional amendments

The AGM is an opportunity to make changes to our constitution, and three sets of amendments have been proposed.

There are three sets of amendments proposed:

  1. Changes to support our BMC affiliation
  2. Minor change to paragraph numbering
  3. Creating two new committee officer roles

We’ve prepared a document which explains each change in detail. There will be copies available in the meeting.
(As a reminder, you can find a copy of our current constitution at the bottom of the club rules page.)

Committee officer nominations

In accordance with our constitution, the committee officers must stand down every year for a new committee to be elected. For this year, all the current committee officers have put themselves forward for re-election.

Nominee for Chair

Mike Phillips
Nomination supported by: Josh Brockhouse Smith and Matilda Bradford
“As the founder and first chair of this club I am really proud of how this club has progressed and grown over the last year and I wish to thank all the members for creating such a friendly and inclusive space, I couldn’t do this without you all. I would like to continue as chair as I believe I have created a positive direction for the club and with the support of the other committee members to date I believe we can develop and grow it to an even better club over the next year. I would like to continue driving this development and to be able to help the club into its next stage of development.”

Nominee for Secretary

Josh Brockhouse Smith
Supported by: Mike Phillips and Flo Stokes
“It’s been a real pleasure to serve the club as Secretary for the past year. This time last year, we were a small group of friends – now we’re a formal, affiliated club more than 50 members strong. It’s been an incredible journey, but there’s lots more to do. I hope I’ve done a good enough job that you’ll keep me around for another year!”

Nominee for Treasurer

Simon Aplin
Supported by: Fiachra Knox and Laura Saunders
“I have kept track of the club financial records for the past year with a clear view of money spent vs money being paid into the club account. As well as initiating the transfer of membership fees to BMC. At no point have we had any debt collection agencies/bailiffs contacting us, which I consider a great success. I hope to have the opportunity to uphold this positive record into 2023.”

Nominee for New Members’ Officer

Char Harrison
Supported by: Sharon Templeton and Josh Brockhouse Smith
“I think I would be a great New Members Officer as I bring my approachable and friendly demeanor to the club. I enjoy helping to run beginners nights and liasing with local walls to make our club nights a success. In the last year I have helped our club grow and have attended street fairs, volunteer events and even written an article to help get our club’s name out there, and I hope to continue that work.”

Nominee for Training/Equipment Officer

Kieran Woolley
Supported by: Flo Stokes and Liz Morrison
“I believe I would be the best person for the role due to my previous experience in the climbing industry, my passion for climbing and because I really want to help the club and members develop.”

Nominee for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Jack Woolley
Supported by: Mike Phillips and Matilda Bradford
“I have enjoyed being a co-opted member of the committee this year, and would love the opportunity to take on an officer role. EDI is close to my heart; I am multiply neurodivergent and have an invisible disability, as well as being LGBTQ+. I’m passionate about helping the club be as inclusive and accessible as possible for its members.”
Note: this is a new role which is proposed to be created by constitutional amendment

Nominee for Members Liaison Officer

Laura Saunders
Supported by: David Newman and Sam Ford
“I’d love to volunteer myself for a role on the committee as I’ve gained so much from the climbing club in such a short time and would love the opportunity to pay some of this back. Since I joined in February I’ve found myself making not only great friends, but I’ve discovered a sense of belonging and family which I’ve gone so much of my adult life without. I’d love to specifically run for members liaison officer as I believe this to be an important role in ensuring that members feel safe, seen and supported. Something I’ve always felt that this club does well and which I’d love to ensure continues as our club grows in numbers.”
Note: this is a new role which is proposed to be created by constitutional amendment

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