2022 AGM Recap

We held our first AGM on 18th November 2022 at the Quay Climbing Centre.

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to recap and celebrate our achievements from the past year.


There were three areas for members to vote on:

  • Membership fees for 2023
  • Constitutional amendments
  • Committee officer elections

Of the 25 members who attended the meeting, 23 voted.
All motions were unanimously approved.

Membership fees for 2023

The cost of membership fees will rise every year; the cost of affiliating with the BMC increases in line with inflation every year. The cost of standard adult club member affiliation will rise by £1.25 to £22.25.

In 2022, we charged the bare cost of BMC Affiliation. We proposed that fees rise slightly above the cost of BMC Affiliation, by rounding up to £25. This will create a small budget we can spend on the club that could be used towards, equipment, trips, bursaries, etc.

Constitutional amendments

There were three constitutional amendments, set out in the document below.

An updated version of the constitution is at the bottom of club rules page.

Committee officer elections

All of the committee stood for re-election. Jack Woolley and Laura Saunders stood for election to two new roles that were created by constitutional amendment.

Slides from the meeting



Thank you everyone who attended!

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