Outdoor climbing etiquette

When we’re climbing together outdoors, we try to keep to good outdoor climbing etiquette! This means:

Being courteous to other climbers who may be there;

  • Not being too loud as to distract other climbers whether they are part of our group or just other climbers that may be sharing the crag and routes we are on.
  • Leaving kit, bags, etc in a tidy pile so as to not block access to the base or top of the crags
  • Not playing music that could be audible or distracting to others. Being aware that many venues have restrictions on drone flying and climbers can find them distracting or intrusive.

Leave no trace principles;

  • Take away everything that you brought in including litter and food waste (bonus points for picking up other litter and improving the environment!)
  • Don’t pick mosses, lichens, break branches and trees, carve things into rocks or trees
  • There are no public toilet facilities at the crag! Take toilet paper and menstrual products out with you (I find a ziplock bag useful for this). If you need a wee or a poo, please do so well away from the crag base and top, and water sources. Please bury poo and menstrual cup contents at least 6 inches into the ground as this allows it to properly decompose.
  • Close gates behind you
  • Stick to established paths as much as possible to avoid further erosion to the environment

Under 18s;

  • If you have an person U18 with you, please make sure they are closely supervised.

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