You said, we did – members’ survey results

Many thanks to all who took the time to reply to our members survey and give us valuable insight into what our members want from the club. We really loved all your enthusiasm and positive comment and have taken the feedback provided and put it into action at our last committee meeting.

You said:

  • You would like the committee to be more visible (you weren’t sure who was on the committee) and transparent. – We’re committed to making the committee more visible to members, by updating our website so you can see those who are working behind the scenes on the committee and through a series of social media posts. We’re also going to be updating members more regularly on what’s happening behind the scenes with posts such as these.
  • You would like the website to be kept up to date, especially the calendar – we have committed to keeping the website updated and continuing to update the calendar each month
  • You would like us to plan a beginner friendly outdoor session and/or bouldering trip – we are planning an outdoor bouldering trip and have already hosted a few beginner friendly roped sessions, but will continue to do so over the summer months (weather permitting). We want to arrange sessions for all abilities and support everyone to progress.
  • You have fed back to us that signal isn’t ideal for communication and messages can be overwhelming or missed when there’s lots of activity – we have been looking at using another platform for communication and will be asking members to trial it shortly (once the committee have done so), we’ll then be asking members whether they would prefer to move over to this new platform for communication rather than signal (by way of anonymous vote).
  • You asked for more clarity around planned trips and skill levels required for the trips – we have discussed that most of the trips organised by the climbing club specify the skill level needed, however unofficial trips that members may invite people to aren’t organised by us. We will continue to post the skill levels required for our planned trips, and make sure we’re using language that all members are familiar with. We are always happy to clarify or answer questions should members want to know more details about planned activities.
  • You asked for ‘non-climbing’ social events – we’re really delighted at how being in the club helps people make new friends and find a community. We enjoy chatting in the cafe before climbs (and sometimes pubbing afterwards!), but everyone in the committee volunteers in their spare time and there’s a limit to what we’d organise. We’re really happy for members to organise each other to events, and use group chat to spread the word.

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