AGM 2023 – Committee nominations and constitutional amendments

We’ll be holding our second AGM at the Quay Climbing Centre from 6.30pm on Mon 27th November.

The AGM is a bit of a formality, but it will be a chance to review what we’ve achieved together in the last year and set out our plans for the future.

A key part of the AGM is voting in the committee members for next year, and voting on amendments for the club constitution.

We’re pleased to share this year’s committee candidates and constitutional amendments below.

Constitutional amendments

Two constitutional amendments are proposed this year:

  1. Changes to how committee officer posts are created, allowing new committee officer roles to be created by committee agreement, rather than by constitutional amendment
  2. Changes to the club’s disciplinary/complaints procedure, allowing more officers to receive and handle complaints

We’ve prepared a document which sets out these changes in detail. There will be copies available in the meeting.
(As a reminder, you can find a copy of our current constitution at the bottom of the club rules page.)

Committee Officer Nominations

Nominee for Chair

Mike Phillips
Nomination supported by: Matilda Bradford and Beau Bell
“I have been fortunate and privileged to have been chairperson for the last 2 years watching and helping the club grow into the beautiful family it is now. I feel that although there have been challenges this last year I have successfully maintained a positive Club that is continuing to improve and grow into the next year. I would love the opportunity to continue to support the club and continue to support it to grow into the next year.”

Nominee for Secretary

Julia Bradley
Nomination supported by: Flora Miles and Noa Manton
“I’m putting myself forward as Club Secretary for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve had a fantastic time in this club where you’ve all welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like family. I’d love to be a part of that for everyone else. Secondly, I think I’d be perfect in the role. I’ve got relevant professional and personal experience, from being a personal assistant and head of a crisis committee (it’s me, hi, I’m the crisis, it’s me), to organising an LGBT conference and running my work’s gender equality network. Thank you!”

Nominee for Treasurer

Simon Aplin
Nomination supported by: Laura Saunders and David Newman

Nominee for New Members’ Officer

Char Harrison
Nomination supported by: Joe Spurrell and Laura Saunders
“I’d love to continue to help our club in the coming year. From supporting new members and recruiting, to arranging member’s nights and new ways for our community to bond, I am dedicated to this role. This year I have been on a social media course to learn more about how to reach members, and have built a Discord server to keep our communication accessible to all, as well as always trying my best to encourage and empower new climbers.”

Nominee for Training/Equipment Officer

K Woolley
Nomination supported by: Matilda Bradford and Beau Bell
“I believe I would be the best person for the role due to my previous experience in the climbing industry, my passion for climbing and because I really want to help the club and members develop.”

Nominee for Plymouth Rep

Note: this is a new role that the committee have agreed to create if constitutional amendment 2023-01 is approved.

Jack Woolley
Nomination supported by: Matilda Bradford and Flora Miles
“I’d like to stand as the club’s Plymouth Rep. I an very fond of the Plymouth branch of the club, and would love the opportunity to continue assisting with sessions as well as looking at ways to grow the community.”

Nominee for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer

Joe Spurrell
Nomination supported by: Noa Manton and Char Harrison
Read Joe’s supporting statement

Nominee for Safeguarding Officer

Liz Morrison
Nomination supported by: Nolan Smyth and Amy Elgar
Read Liz’s supporting statement

We hope you’ll join us at 6:30pm on Monday 27th September and cast your votes!

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