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Annual General Meeting 2023

We’re holding our second Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday 27th November, 6:30pm in the Quay Climbing Centre cafe.

The AGM is a bit of a formality, but it will be a chance to review what we’ve achieved together in the last year and set out our plans for the future.

There’s also the opportunity to ask questions of the committee and discuss and agree the club’s future direction.

We’d really appreciate it if you could come along. (we need at least 13 members in to reach quorum!)

A key part of the AGM is voting in the committee members for next year, and voting on amendments for the club constitution.

We’re pleased to share this year’s committee nominees and constitutional amendments below.

Draft Agenda

Draft Agenda Review of the year: chair and secretary’s report Financial review: treasurer’s report Certification of the club’s accounts Consider changes to the club’s constitution Election of committee officers Agree membership fees for next year Other relevant business Q&A

Constitutional amendments

Two constitutional amendments are proposed this year:

  1. Changes to how committee officer posts are created, allowing new committee officer roles to be created by committee agreement, rather than by constitutional amendment
  2. Changes to the club’s disciplinary/complaints procedure, allowing more officers to receive and handle complaints

We’ve prepared a document which sets out these changes in detail. There will be copies available in the meeting.
(As a reminder, you can find a copy of our current constitution at the bottom of the club rules page.)

Committee nominees

  • Nominee for Chair: Michael Phillips
  • Nominee for Secretary: Julia Bradley
  • Nominee for Treasurer: Simon Aplin
  • Nominee for New Members’ Officer: Char Harrison
  • Nominee for Training/Equipment Officer: K Woolley
  • Nominee for Plymouth Rep: Jack Woolley
  • Nominee for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer: Joe Spurrell
  • Nominee for Safeguarding Officer: Liz Morrison

Each nominee is supported by two club other members and most have written a supporting statement. We’ve published their supporting statements in a separate page on our website

Join us and cast your votes

We hope you’ll join us at 6:30pm on Monday 27th September and cast your votes!


Mon 27 Nov 2023


6:30 pm


The Quay Climbing Centre, Exeter
Haven Road, Exeter EX2 8AX
BMC Affiliated Club
We're proud to be affiliated with the British Mountaineering Council.

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